Reconnecting to Self-Healing

Reconnecting to Self-Healing

The Art of Advocating for Yourself

Valentina Castro


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If you want to survive any kind of crisis, you must defend yourself. This does not mean that you must be in a constant struggle or fight. It is not about living in a defensive mode. In my opinion, it means to be aware of the red lights in your heart, your mind, or your spirit. To ignore these signals is to deliver control of your life or your health to an alien entity. As I have said repeatedly, only you know what really happens in your body. It seems a great responsibility to learn to know ourselves. In general, no one educates us for that. For instance, if we present symptoms, they can be quieted with medicine, but in many cases, we need to get to the bottom of the symptom to eradicate the root problem. If we do not know ourselves, if we do not listen or understand the language of our bodies, if we turn a deaf ear to our hearts, then time will take care of making us face that situation, sooner or later. I think it’s vital that we teach our children to listen to themselves. We should give them, when the occasion warrants it, the opportunity to choose a solution for their problems. In this way, they will have the chance to make contact with their truth. In the same way, if they tell us they’re feeling pain or distress, we must give them that credit so as not to silence their souls.